FLEXALL – Teflon Hose Assembly – by FLEXIBLES

With increase in business of Teflon Hoses, we, at Flexibles, started manufacturing our own range of Teflon Hose Assemblies by the name of FLEXALL. These hose assemblies have been used by a lot of big industrial names across India.

FlexAll Teflon Hose Assemblies are:

  1. Highly Chemical Resistant – Used for Flow of Harsh & Corrosive Chemicals.
  2. Flexall Teflon Hoses are Non- Sticky – & So are easy to clean.
  3. Non- Flammable.
  4. Our Teflon Hoses are Non ageing & have High UV Resistance.
  5. Flexall Teflon Hoses are not flammable.
  6. Flexall Teflon Hoses have good dielectric properties.
  7. Flexall Teflon hoses have low Coefficient of friction, ensuring low pressure drops.

Flexall Teflon Hoses work perfectly in Temperature Ranges from -50Deg. C to +260 Deg. C

These hoses can withstand high pressure applications, because of their High Pressure SS-304 Wire braiding.

FlexAll Teflon Hose Sides - Flexibles

FlexAll Teflon Hose Sides – Flexibles

Flexall Teflon Hose - Top ViewFlexAll - Teflon Hose Assemblies

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