End Fittings and QR Coupling


End Fittings/flanges can be fixed to the hose as per IS, BS, ASA,  DIN or as per the customer’s requirement.


We manufacture & stock all types of fittings/connections such as:-


(a) Adaptors & Reducors

(b) Weldable Fitting


(c) Flanges and Stubs

We manufacture and stock a wide range of flanges and stubs in all  sizes and standards. We can also provide customized flanges as per   your requirement. We can provide these ASA ,ANSI, DIN, and all   tables as required by you.


(d) Camlock and Quick Release Couplings

We can offer a wide range of camlock and quick release couplings in   all sizes and materials as per your requirement. Our couplings are   made in high quality materials using stainless steel grades, carbon   steel, etc. These devices permit easy, immediate connections and   separation of fluid and pneumatics lines. Sizes: Upto 8” ID.



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