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FlexAll Hydraulic Rubber Hoses – by FLEXIBLES

Having ¬†already been manufacturing Rubber Hose Assemblies for PIX, Parker, RAASVIN, & many others for over 35 years. Flexibles launched it’s own range of Hydraulic Rubber Hoses in 2015, by the name of FLEXALL. FlexAll Hydraulic Rubber Hoses come in both Smooth & Wrapped Finish. They are designed to meet your Extreme pressure & strenuous working conditions. Currently, FlexAll Make Hydraulic Rubber Hoses are only being supplied in SAE100 R1, SAE100 R2 and Spiral High

FLEXALL – Teflon Hose Assembly – by FLEXIBLES

With increase in business of Teflon Hoses, we, at Flexibles, started manufacturing our own range of Teflon Hose Assemblies by the name of FLEXALL. These hose assemblies have been used by a lot of big industrial names across India. FlexAll Teflon Hose Assemblies are: Highly Chemical Resistant – Used for Flow of Harsh & Corrosive Chemicals. Flexall Teflon Hoses are Non- Sticky – & So are easy to clean. Non- Flammable. Our Teflon Hoses are

SS-304 Hoses with Nozzle End

At Flexibles, we have been customizing and making High Quality Hose Assemblies as per our customers requirements since 1974. With our experience and team, we assure to develop and supply best quality Hose Assemblies as per your unique applications. SS-304 Corrugated Hose Assembly, Female Swivel Nut, Nozzle End Fitting.

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